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The world is moving at a rapid pace; evolving continuously. The global business space is striving to remain relevant by adopting innovative techniques and practices and setting new benchmarks. Collaboration is key to progress faster and to leverage on the strengths of knowledgable partners takes you one step ahead of competation. We are a proud partner of the below companies and bodies.


If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.
Henry Ford




EFESO Consulting is delighted to present our valued partner, whose skills and expertise ideally complement our depth of knowledge and capability in Improving your RESULTS TODAY and Securing your RESULTS FOR TOMORROW.


  • Solvace


    SaaS platform, focusing on delivering productivity, transparency and insights through the digitalization of Operational Excellence processes

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EFESO Consulting draws on experience gained in supporting developments with leading industry and academic bodies


  • Shingo Institute

    Shingo Institute

    We are the most global Licensed Affiliate for the Shingo Institute. We are able to teach Shingo courses in many languages accross the world.

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  • Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance

    Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance

    We are the global partner for the Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance (JIPM), and we have helped over 80 clients in over 50 countries globally to win JIPM Awards.

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  • Cranfield School Of Management

    Cranfield School Of Management

    We partner with Cranfield School Of Management for research projects in the area of Supply Chain in the Boardroom.

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  • Politecnico di Milano

    Politecnico di Milano

    We partner with Politecnico di Milano for research and we provide teachers for classes about Operational Excellence

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    We contribute and share knowledge with ELUPEG, the organisation for fostering collaboration in the field of logistics.

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  • CILT


    We share knowledge and collaborate with the CILT to stay on the forefront of developments in the Transport and Logistics sector.

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  • Belbin


    Belbin empowers individuals to fulfil their potential at work; and helps organisations to bring together the right people to form high performing teams.

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  • Association For Supply Chain Management

    Association For Supply Chain Management

    We partner with the Association for Supply Chain Management (ASCM), the largest non-profit association for supply chain. ASCM is an unbiased partner, connecting companies around the world to the newest thought leadership on all aspects of supply chain. ASCM is built on a foundation of APICS certification and training

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